How to engage students who have learning difficulties* and keep them interested.

* The course will particularly reference working with students who have learning difficulties but is also relevant to non-disabled students

For the first time in five years, Christopher Davies, Artistic Director of Bamboozle, is teaching the Bamboozle approach through open courses. Below are details of this two-part course, but first here’s what one teacher from a Luton school says:
“We’ve been using the Bamboozle Approach for nearly a year now. I’ve got a couple of kids in my class who, by the end of the spring term, had almost done three sub-levels and that’s huge, that’s absolutely huge”.

Of another pupil, she said that the Bamboozle Approach has “impacted on his ability to make relationships with people, he’s more assertive, he’s more engaged, he’s more vocal, he’s refusing less… there’s that depth of relationship happening”.

The Bamboozle Approach Part One: Wednesday 16th May 2018, 10:00 – 17:00, Leicester.

On this one day course you will:
• discover the approach that Bamboozle uses to engage students and keep their attention and interest
• learn how to enable your students to focus for longer
• create a space where students learn easily and without fear of judgement
• learn how to use precise questioning techniques that empower students
• find out ways to give praise and encouragement that supports students’ self-esteem and learning
• discover how to create workshops / lessons that students always get involved with
• go away with lots of practical ideas you can use immediately
• take away a course manual with practical ideas and seminar notes
• have lots of fun!

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The Bamboozle Approach Part Two: Thursday 17th May 2018, 10:00 – 17:00, Leicester.

On this one day course you will:
• find out ways to quickly and cheaply create an interesting setting for a workshop/lesson using the Bamboozle Approach
• learn lots of ways to bring students into the space
• look at how to define a space in which learning and fun activities can happen
• consider how we can create time and space so that students learn more easily
• learn the importance of how we are “being”
• look at how we can use silence to engage students with learning difficulties
• see how using intensive interaction can quickly engage students
• have lots of fun, (again!)

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 Bamboozle Master Class 2018

How to Grab the Attention of Your Students and Keep them Interested:

A Master Class in Working Creatively with Learning Disabled Students

Six day intensive Master Class with Bamboozle’s Artistic Director, Christopher Davies

The Master Class 2018 will take place in Leicester from 8th – 13th October 2018.


“Early bird” price available on bookings before the end of June.