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Launch of new Bamboozle/Curve co-production: Hansel & Gretel

Bamboozle, a local charity with over twenty years’ experience in creating high quality multi-sensory and immersive theatre for children with a range of with learning disabilities, has joined forces with Curve to produce an exciting adaptation of the Grimm’s class tale, Hansel & Gretel.

The Story:
Behind the trees, in the shadows – two glinting lights. Eyes? An owl perhaps, or wolf? Who knows? It is a time of desperation for the Woodcutter’s family. War and famine stalk the land. Something needs to happen or they will all perish. Hansel and Gretel take matters into their own hands and, left to their own devices in the forest, discover that they can do more than anyone thought they could. Even themselves.

The production uses puppetry and original music, playfulness and humour, as well as a little dose of madness to retell this time-old story of adventurous youngsters overcoming the odds despite the challenges they face. Once again, Bamboozle brings a story to enchanting life for young audiences and particularly for those who have learning disabilities.

Bamboozle’s Artistic Director, Christopher Davies, said “all of Bamboozle’s shows are made to engage and entertain children – whatever their ability. We use strategies that are particularly designed to engage children with learning difficulties. These include sensitive interaction with the audience, carefully designed language and use of Makaton, as well as captivating music and visual surprises”.

In a recent interview, Chris Stafford, Curve’s Chief Executive, said “Bamboozle have got a fantastic track record of making exceptional and exciting theatre for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. It’s really important that we make theatre and theatre experiences as accessible as possible”.

Christopher also commented “It’s brilliant that theatres like Curve are now opening their doors so kids with disabilities can experience theatre. One of the things we’re trying to do is to make disability more visible because largely disability is hidden away. Having integrated performances that are accessible to all makes disability visible in a way it hasn’t been before. The key things that engage learning disabled children are absolutely the things that engage young non-disabled audiences, too”.

Chris Stafford went on to say “it’s important that anyone who lives in this city feels that Curve is a truly accessible theatre”.

Hansel & Gretel is appearing at Curve on the 24th and 25th of May as part of The Spark Festival. Join Hansel & Gretel as they encounter dangers, escape from the forest, overcome the evil witch and surprise their parents. It’s not to be missed!


Published Date: 20th November 2015
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