‘I Pledge £70’: supporting Bamboozle’s 70seventy Challenge

As part of our epic fundraising campaign, 70seventy, we’ve come up with ‘I pledge £70!’, a fun initiative which encourages our supporters to pledge to raise £70 by the 23rd of June 2018.
There are lots of ways you can do this. To register you’d like to take part in the pledge, please email natasha@bamboozletheatre.co.uk, and Natasha will get you signed up to our mailing list.

One way you can take part in ‘I pledge £70!’ is to do The Smartie Challenge:

Do you know how many £1 coins a tube of Smarties can hold? ANSWER: £38! Why not treat yourself to a tube of Smarties, share them with your friends, and then take part in the Smartie Challenge by filling your tube with £1 coins. If you fill it twice, you’ll beat your £70 goal!

If you still have some of the old round £1 coins lying around – add them to your Smarties tube! (We can still take them to the bank and the money will go straight to Bamboozle).

So far, the ‘I Pledge £70’ is doing really well. We have nearly £4,000 in pledges and it’s gathering momentum. Over the last month 21 more people have signed up to help the fundraising campaign. And 5 more people have reached their total of £70.

Here are some suggestions to help your fundraising efforts for December:

Going out for Dinner?
At this time of year it’s great to catch up with friends, eat, drink and have a good time. Instead of going out for dinner – why not host a dinner party for 7 friends and ask them to donate £10 each to Bamboozle. You’ll have a great time and reach the £70 target in one night!

Send our 70seventy E-Card this Christmas!
Why not save the money you would spend on buying and posting cards this Christmas, and send an email your friends, family and colleagues with our 70seventy-themed Christmas card? Then you can add the money you’ve saved to your £70 pledge!

We have two E-cards to choose from: click here and here!

In your email, you could add the following message:

Dear Friends,

I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Instead of spending money on buying and posting Christmas cards this year, I’m pledging to raise £70 for Bamboozle, a magical charity that creates immersive multi-sensory theatre for children and young people with profound and complex needs.

Please find my Bamboozle Christmas E-Card attached!

Simply download your card, save it to your computer, and attached it to your email!

Donate immediately
If you have already reached your £70 total, (and we keep getting updates to say you are nearly there!), you could transfer the money directly to us through the ‘donate now’ button on our website: www.bamboozletheatre.co.uk – where you can also ‘Gift Aid’ if you are eligible. (If you’re a UK taxpayer, Gift Aid increases the value of your donations by 25%, because Bamboozle can reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift – at no extra cost to you!)

Alternatively you could transfer the money directly into our bank account:
Account number: 10632988
Sort Code: 20-49-11
(Please add the reference 70seventy)

Keep us updated
We love to hear how you’re getting on – and any ideas that you have to raise the £70.
Please keep us informed – either directly through email, or via twitter @BamboozleUK #70Seventy #Ipledge70

70seventy Challenge
Our 70seventy webpage is the place to go and find out how Christopher’s training is going for all of his 3 challenges – and how you can sign up to take part in any of the 70seventy challenges.

Thank you again for your support.

Published Date: 28th November 2017
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