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Christopher’s training diary from Shanghai!


Published Date: 13th August 2018
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Fundraising on the air waves

48 Heures Du Le Men!

Gary Toward, a Bamboozle Trustee, along with two additionally mad friends, Mark (Haff) Haughan and Neil (Nelly) Povey, are about to take on the challenge of presenting a radio show, non-stop, for 48 hours.

Utilising full dad joke credentials, they have named the show inspired by the Le Mans 24 hour race – 48 Heures Du Le Men!

The show leaves the starting grid on 15th August 2018, at 8.48am.

There’s great line up of guests and events across the 48 hours: from beer and curry tastings to live bands. They’re hooking up with bigger radio stations, too, including BBC Radio Leicester, and will have listeners tuning in from all over the planet!

They are aiming to raise vital funds for both Bamboozle and Radio Gwendolen.

Gary has seen Bamboozle’s inspirational multi-sensory theatre designed for children and young people who have learning disabilities in action: “I have never seen anything like this before. The Bamboozle approach lights up the lives of young people and their families. Small differences are huge gains in this context”.

Radio Gwendolen is Leicester General’s hospital radio that makes a hospital stay more comfortable and is run by a dedicated bunch of volunteers. It broadcasts constantly and Haff runs a regular show. “I’ve met a few patients who told me that we (the radio) were their only ‘visitors’. Wow! What a diffidence that makes.”

Both can only continue to do their amazing work – making a real difference – through fundraising.

You can find out more about both charities and the 48 Hour Radio Marathon here:

The obvious way is to sponsor the three intrepid hosts, and you can do that at the just giving page above or by contacting the team directly.

If you have a business, 48 Heures can tag you in and can put your logos on our social media posts: (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), they can talk about you or to you live on air and you could even join them on the show or record an interview. You can choose some music for the guys to play on your behalf!

Who do you know who might like to give the team a boost – home or abroad? Please help us to raise awareness of this awesome challenge by sharing and ‘liking’ us on social media – you can find all the links below.

The team would love to play something for you on the show, too! So do listen in and maybe text, phone or contact then on social media:
Twitter; @48hourmarathon #48hourmarathon @gltoward
Facebook; 48 Hour Radio Marathon Leicester @48hourradiomarathon
Instagram; @garytoward

GOOD LUCK 48 Heures Du Le Men!


Published Date: 7th August 2018
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