Christopher Blog No’ 6: This is going to be a really SERIOUS challenge


I’ve just had a closer look at the route for our Pyrenees adventure. Day two looks interesting – 3 times the height of Snowdon ascents and 4½ times height of Snowdon descents. With 100% chance of rain and the occasional thunderstorm thrown in! Mmmmmm! – who’s idea was this? – Ah yes, in a moment of madness – it was mine!
Why? Why!!!
Seriously though – this is going to be a really SERIOUS challenge for me – some of you will be thinking – “Didn’t he realise that?”. What I hadn’t bargained for was the impact the hormone therapy is having – I often feel quite lethargic which is not like me – and I have put on some weight as a result of the hormones [not the croissants obviously] to carry up the Col du Tourmalet and other little inclines.
And the answer to the “Why” question is this:
I want to give our Bamboozle families and their learning disabled kids happy memorable experiences – I know that you share my vision – parents often tell us that the experiences with Bamboozle are the best days of their children’s lives. It is increasingly difficult to get government funding – we were recently turned down for a Big Lottery bid – and we need to raise money in other ways – like riding through rain and wind across the Pyrenees!!
If you can help please go to this link:
If you want to know first hand what Bamboozle means to families and you have 5 minutes go to:
If you know anyone who might support this cause would you mind forwarding them a link to this blog! Thanks.
And thanks for reading – we fly tomorrow, start pedalling on Wednesday and arrive in Barcelona on Saturday evening – we are going to be keeping people up to date on progress on facebook and twitter.
Warm regards,
Christopher Davies
Artistic Director

Published Date: 17th September 2018
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