Creating possibilities for disabled children


Bamboozle Theatre Company was founded in 1994 by Christopher Davies and Sue Pyecroft, since then we have been delivering magical, memorable, multi sensory experiences for children and young people with moderate to profound learning difficulties as well as those with emotional and behavioural difficulties.


We have built a strong reputation for the quality and integrity of our work. The impact can be transformational; from helping an individual child with extremely challenging behaviour to stay in a room, work with others and contribute their own ideas to supporting whole families to connect and play together to effecting the attitudes and practice at a whole school level

Meet the Team


Our methodology draws on a number of influences including Dorothy Heathcote’s work around drama in education, the power of theatre to engage, over 25 years of classroom and drama advisory practice and experience, as well as our understanding of models of intensive interaction (II) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming practice. Our methodology has also been well documented in books and resources written by our Co-Founder Christopher Davies.

This experience and knowledge has enabled us to create an approach that is unique to Bamboozle and based on the following:

Establishing a fear-free working environment where individuals are free to engage with activities in their own way and on their own terms

The importance of clearing time and space to allow anything to happen

The power of matching behaviour

Trusting in instinct and trialling new approaches taking calculated risks

Valuing each child as an individual

Patience – leaving the situation ten times longer than you feel comfortable with to allow time for a response

Exploration and discovery – careful planning, but the ability to deviate from the agenda

Alertness – being carefully attuned to children’s responses and the ability to react to this in subtle and gentle ways

We are continually reminded that when we create an environment that has love,
encouragement and opportunity within it, extraordinary achievements are possible for all young
people – whatever their abilities and disabilities.



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