The Ellis Jones Memorial Challenge, 2015 – 2016

Ellis at 'Festival in the Woods', an outdoor 19+ session by Bamboozle at Ulverscroft Manor, Leicestershire. width=
Ellis at ‘Festival in the Woods’, an outdoor 19+ session by Bamboozle at Ulverscroft Manor, Leicestershire

A Narborough family’s year-long fundraising drive in memory of their son reached its finale on November 12 at Leicester Racecourse at a fantastic Family Fun Day, the day after Ellis’ 25th birthday.

Ellis Jones had cerebral palsy and died in 2015 aged just 23. His family spent 12 months raising money for a cause that is close to their hearts, the Leicester charity and theatre company Bamboozle.

Bamboozle produces multi-sensory experiences for children and young people with profound learning disabilities. Ellis had been attending Bamboozle’s sessions for 17 years. He died just two days after attending a Bamboozle’s 19+ session.

Ellis’s mum, Nicky Jones, said her son was an outgoing and exuberant individual who had complex medical needs: “One of Ellis’ favourite things to do was attending sessions with Bamboozle.” Nicky, her husband Nigel and Ellis’ brother Aaron decided to embark on a year-long fundraising challenge to support Bamboozle. Nicky said: “Bamboozle’s sessions brought the family much joy and gave us time together with activities and events specifically designed for our needs.”

Jade Frost, Bamboozle’s tour co-ordinator, said: “Ellis is very much missed at our events. He brought so much energy and enthusiasm to everything. The whole family become part of the Bamboozle family. The memories that are made at Bamboozle are very special and Ellis will always be remembered in the work we do.”

The Jones’ challenge kicked off with a curry night last October, and since then has involved a Santa run, ‘Bambootsales’, craft fairs, a music night and bucket collections, ending with a grand finale in the Exhibition Hall at Leicester Racecourse, where Bamboozle is a Charity of the Year.

The grand total raised by the challenge was an astonishing  £10,000

Nigel said ‘When we started out, we had an intention to raise maybe a few hundred, or at best a couple of thousand pounds for Bamboozle. “£10,000 is a truly awesome achievement. The support people have given to our challenge has been truly overwhelming.”

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