Family Videos

The Smiths


There’s an extra special light that comes from within Lily after she’s been to a Bamboozle workshop; her excitement, her joy and her expressive eagerness to communicate tells us all we need to know about how much Lily values Bamboozle.
Hayley and Steve Smith – parents

The Jones


Ellis Jones sadly passed away on the 17th of June, 2015. Just two days before Ellis died, Nicky and Ellis attended a Bamboozle +19 session – a festival in the woods. Ellis’ parents, Nicky and Nigel Jones, set up the Ellis Jones Memorial Challenge and raised an astonishing £10,000 for Bamboozle in memory of Ellis. Ellis loved attending Bamboozle’s events and he brought joy and enthusiasm to every event he came along to.

The Fretwells

Bamboozle brings sparkle to Amelia’s eyes, and warmth to our hearts