The Duggans

Josie Duggan1When my daughter was born we were told that she would never hear, never see, be able to walk, speak, or even eat normally. We never knew if she was going to live from one hour to the next. We went from one medical professional to the next and left with the same prognosis. Josie would never be able to do or learn anything.

But Josie is one of life’s fighters, and we tried to have hope.

Despite all the screaming and crying occasionally, miraculously, we saw the odd glimmer of hope. On the rare occasions that Josie was comfortable a little smile would appear on her face. It showed she was responding…she could see or hear something…she liked something…there was something there.

And then came Bamboozle: a breath of fresh air.

Through Bamboozle’s work we witness amazing things. Children with poor vision turn their heads towards a puppet, children who never make a sound vocalise. It’s extraordinary.

In the sixteen years since I’ve had Josie I have never come across anything like it. Bamboozle is the highlight of our year and has given us some of our most precious memories.

Trisha Duggan – parent