The Smiths


Lily Smith1Lily is loving and much loved child.  The injury she sustained at birth caused devastating brain damage meaning that Lily’s special needs are at the most severe end of the spectrum. This means that much of the “normal” world is unavailable to her.

Events happen too fast for her to react; the world is in too much of a hurry to include her.   And yet Lily is desperate to join in.

She loves being in company, she is responsive to music, colour, movement and her peers.

Lily can make choices if given time, patience and imagination.

Uniquely, in our experience as parents of a profoundly disabled child, we found in Bamboozle a magical environment where it is understood that Lily has something to say. Bamboozle offers a safe and miraculous imaginary landscape where the emphasis is not about what Lily can’t do, it’s about developing and responding to what she can do.

Lily’s contribution is recognised, her voice heard and she is valued.

Unexpectedly the Bamboozle experience continues to enrich Lily’s life (and our lives with her) beyond the workshops.  An audio CD is part of her bath-time routine.  Her bedroom has a multi-sensory light tree and when she’s on the move we take her “sensory umbrella” which she can access almost anywhere.

More important though is the extra special light that comes from within Lily after she’s been to a Bamboozle workshop; her excitement, her joy and her expressive eagerness to communicate tells us all we need to know about how much Lily values Bamboozle.

Hayley and Steve Smith – parents