We are pleased to offer a selection of tour packages developed by Bamboozle to help schools,
parents and carers benefit from our experience and methodologies.
If you are looking from a theatre and are interested in programming one of our productions,
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Down to Earth

a production designed for young PMLD audiences

Down to Earth, Arts Centre Melbourne 2017. Photo by Jason LauDown to Earth was first developed by Bamboozle in 2013.
Designed specifically to cater for the access needs of children and young people who have profound and multiple learning disabilities, Down to Earth evokes the atmosphere of an WW2 allotment in the North of England which incorporates all the senses.
Children are welcomed individually, and meet Land Girls Betty and Doris, and allotment keeper Arthur, who tend to a vegetable garden. With a multi-sensory mix of live music, puppetry, movement and props, children encounter a mischievous mole who causes mayhem, are invited to dance with the Land Girls in their wheelchairs. When the air raid siren sounds, we move into a magical forest where shadows slide across the floor, and wildlife rushes through the trees.
After visiting schools throughout the UK, the production appeared at TakeOff Festival in 2015, Edinburgh International Children’s Festival in 2016, and both Shanghai Children’s Art Theatre and Arts Centre Melbourne in 2017.
After the production’s UK and international success, Bamboozle are delighted to be re-touring the production to SEN schools and arts venues in a UK tour this coming December and January.


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Photograph: Down to Earth, Arts Centre Melbourne 2017. Photo by Jason Lau


Moon Song

a production designed for young AS audiences


First created in 2013, Moon Song is Bamboozle’s space-themed production designed to cater for the access needs of children and young people who are on the autistic spectrum. The show tells the story of Megan who falls asleep and dreams that she travels to the moon in a rocket. While on the moon, Megan encounters comets, shooting stars and silvery tube creatures.
This performance workshop has been designed to accommodate the wide range of abilities within the autism spectrum. Our continuing research into performance for AS students has indicated there is a need for a performance to be accessible for all levels of autistic students.
Moon Song has been carefully designed to accommodate whichever level of AS students you have in your school. With haunting music and Bamboozle’s trademark interactive style Moon Song seeks to enchant and engage your students with a patient mix of interaction and invitation.
Bamboozle’s team of artists are hugely experienced in engaging with students who have a variety of complex needs, and tailor interactions according to individual access needs.
We’re delighted to be touring Moon Song again after three years of touring our AS productions Storm and Pulse.
4 – 8 March 2019: NORTH WEST *dates available*
11 – 15 March 2019: HOME COUNTIES *one date available*
18 – 22 March 2019: NORTH EAST *dates available*
21 – 25 January 2019: NORTH WEST *dates available*
28 Jan – 01 Feb 2019: NORTH EAST *dates available*
If your region is not specified, and you are interested in booking, please give us a call on 0116 255 2065 to discuss possibilities.


Other productions

Gentle Giant: a PMLD production
An adaptation of Michael Morpurgo’s enchanting story designed for children with profound and multiple learning disabilities.
Gentle Giant incorporates all the senses.  Students experience live music and songs, puppetry, a variety of textures and smells, ending with a wild dance in wheelchairs.

Storm: an AS production

Storm uses elements of Shakespeare’s Tempest and weaves them into a dramatic sequence embracing the sea and ships, islands and magic, as well as using Shakespeare’s language. The audience will be immersed in the action and invited to touch props, wander within the set, and will be able to interact at their own pace and level.

Hansel & Gretel: an MLD/SLD production

Behind the trees, in the shadows – two glinting lights. Eyes? An owl perhaps, or wolf? Who knows? It is a time of desperation for the Woodcutter’s family. War and famine stalk the land. Something needs to happen or they will all perish. Hansel and Gretel take matters into their own hands and, left to their own devices in the forest, discover that they can do more than anyone thought they could. Even themselves. Join them as they encounter dangers, escape from the forest, overcome the evil witch and surprise their parents.

The Girl and The Goat: a PMLD production


The Girl and The Goat follows the journey of a girl and a baby goat through an Indian village. The audience will be immersed in the sights and sounds of India; aromas and massage, rich textures and vibrant colours in this engaging story of friendship.

Moon Song: an ASC production


In this enchanting space-themed production, audience members are welcomed with relaxing music into the performance space. The production tells the story of Megan, who falls asleep and dreams of travelling to the moon where she sees comets, shooting stars and silvery tube creatures.

This performance has been designed to accommodate the very wide range of abilities within the autistic spectrum. Our continuing research into performances for ASC audiences has indicated there is a need for a performance that is accessible to all levels of the spectrum.

Meadow Land: a PMLD production

Each audience member is welcomed by name in the performance’s opening song before moving through a flock of birds to the meadow. Here, they will encounter butterflies and dragonflies, animals and scented flowers as they become immersed in the multi-sensory magic of the Meadow Land.

Each participant will be able to explore and engage at their own level and in their own time during this delightful show.


Production Video Archive:

Along the Riverbank: an MLD/SLD production

Jack and the Flumflum Tree: an MLD/SLD production

Light as a Feather: a PMLD production