Hansel & Gretel

Hansel & Gretel: a new SLD co-production from Bamboozle and Curve


“We just took part in the best theatre experience I’ve seen for our children”.

– Teacher, Brookfields School, (Along the Riverbank 2015)


Behind the trees, in the shadows – two glinting lights. Eyes? An owl perhaps, or wolf? Who knows? It is a time of desperation for the Woodcutter’s family. War and famine stalk the land. Something needs to happen or they will all perish. Hansel and Gretel take matters into their own hands and, left to their own devices in the forest, discover that they can do more than anyone thought they could. Even themselves. Join them as they encounter dangers, escape from the forest, overcome the evil witch and surprise their parents.
Bamboozle’s inventive production uses puppets and original music, playfulness and humour as well as a little dose of madness to retell this classic tale. Once again, Bamboozle brings a story to enchanting life for young audiences and particularly for those who have learning disabilities.

The performance was the best I have ever seen for children and young people with learning disabilities”

– Parent, The Castle

Director –  Christopher Davies
Designer –  Sue Pyecroft
Music composed and directed by Steven Vitale
Puppetry design and direction by Sue Pyecroft
Meet the Cast


Production photos of Hansel & Gretel: photography by Martin Neeves. With special thanks to staff and students at Greenside School. Images © Bamboozle Theatre Company 2016.